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Section A: »Books«

A1 The invisible worm
A2 The weak-eyed bat
A3 The devil loves me
A4 Wall of eyes
A5 Fire will freeze
A6 The iron gates
A7 Experiment in springtime
A8 It’s all in the family
A9 The cannibal heart
A10 Do evil in return
A11 Rose’s last summer
A12 Vanish in an instant
A13 Wives and lovers
A14 Beast in view
A15 An air that kills
A16 The listening walls
A17 A stranger in my grave
A18 How like an angel
A19 The fiend
A20 The birds and the beasts were there
A21 Beyond this point are monsters
A22 Ask for me tomorrow
A23 The murder of Miranda
A24 Mermaid
A25 Banshee
A26 Spider webs

Section B: »Stories«

NOT complete! The numbering is preliminary and will change.

B1 Impromptu
B2 Grandpa and the weather
B3 The couple next door
B4 McGowney’s miracle
B5 The people across the canyon

Section C: Other

Sorry, NOT YET!

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